The college is the school of choice for those who wish to seek new knowledge in the service of humanity. It has a clear focus on freedom of inquiry, the pursuit of truth and care for others. As an institution of higher learning the college promises to help the students learn broadly, be ready to serve the nation generously, and lead a life courageously.

The college is not a just place where the students learn information and acquire knowledge. But this is a place where they form their character who will be capable of making a difference in their own local communities. Because the college firmly believes that teaching is, not a profession, but a sacred vocation by which every teacher participates in the creative acts of god.


The only mission of the college is to provide courses for the teachers in education. We offer students on these courses high quality learning, teaching and support. We aim to increase access and participation in higher education by attracting students from every background, in order to promote our vision, we work with a wide range of partners, including local communities, the Pondicherry university, village leaders, and scholars in different disciplines.


Our main goal and aim of the college is to impart a sound integral formation and training to the teacher trainees who in turn would form and mould the future citizens of India in different spheres of life.

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